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Grow from a solid foundation with clarity and confidence

The success of good design reaches far beyond the aesthetics – good design and good business begin with strategy. A concise brand strategy will help you uncover a clear vision for your business, and identify the steps you need to take to get there. Our branding projects always begin with a foundation in strategic planning, for we believe that good design cannot exist without it.

Included in all our Full Brand Identity Packages is an in-depth brand analysis which consists of a competitor and industry analysis, and a close look at your business objectives.

If you are a larger business wanting to explore this in more depth, we do work alongside a professional Brand Strategists who work as an extension of our team. This is an additional inclusion you may want to consider where your business would benefit from a more comprehensive exploration into business strategy, and bridging that gap between your vision and design objectives.

Why It Works

One of the biggest misconceptions we find new and existing businesses to have is that branding is just the way your business looks; your logo and your business name. Yet effective branding that impacts your bottom line, takes much more than that. You need to identify your brand positioning, and for that, you need a Brand Strategy. Being confident enables conviction, and building trust with consumers requires, just that. 

A brand strategy session with a professional strategist is designed to really get you thinking about your long term vision. We uncover the pain points in your business, your key messaging, and help you to carve a clear path forward,  giving your brand the best opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, and positively facilitate growth.

This additional level of brand strategy, whilst not required for all, is designed for businesses needing to address more complex pain points, and delve that bit deeper into their business.


Brand Strategy Workshops are added to the Discovery Phase of your Branding Project. Sessions with a professional Brand Strategist are an additional cost, and are priced on an individual basis.

Please let us know when completing the contact form if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

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